Fessh Instructional Course 2015 ‘Dupuytren’s Disease’

Fessh Instructional Course 2015 ‘Dupuytren’s Disease’

Dear physician,
is now available the new Fessh Instructional Course 2015 ‘Dupuytren’s Disease’

Dupuytren’s Disease is a common pathology that involves only the hand. Great efforts have been made during the recent decades by hand surgeons to understand the aetio-pathology of this disease. The more simple histologic studies of the past have failed, so that today, primarily genetic studies are performed. Nevertheless there remain unanswered questions and it is more than probable that only a multidisciplinary approach can highlight our understanding of the aetio-pathology of Dupuytren’s Disease.

Due to the growing interest in Dupuytren Disease raised by the increasing popularity of these alternative treatment options, FESSH wants to dedicate this edition of their Instructional Course to Dupuytren’s Disease, in order to update the state of the art and science of its treatment, thanks to the generous contribution of the authors and the Editor David Warwick, this year’s Textbook provides us a precious update regarding all aspects of treatment.

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